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Building Capacity for Women in Leadership / EDV

Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe has been implementing the project of Building Capacity for Women in Leadership since 2012 with the financial support from Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA). The project aimed at building the capacity for women in leadership by promoting gender equality, women’s empowerment and advocating for Gender Based Violence issues

Women Leaders during a training session

The project was aimed at building confidence among women by building their capacity in policy analysis, empower them to speak out their views and encourage them to become candidates for parliamentary elections.

Since 2012 this project has been training women from district and sector councils from the four districts of Gakenke, Gatsibo, Ngororero and Nyaruguru on “women can do it” program, leadership and life skills and on policy analysis and advocacy skills. In addition to this, young women from universities were also trained on the above mentioned domains.

The women from district and sector councils were given the opportunity to visit the Parliament and learn how the MPs debate and make decisions. Young women leaders from universities also met the Parliamentarians for experience sharing.
So far, a total number of 3239 women were reached trough the project activities.