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“LEGAL AID CLINICS” helps Rwandan Cross-border Trade Women recover their confiscated goods in Bukavu/DRC

Borders between DRC and Rwanda are among the busiest in the world in terms of informal cross-border trade. It is...

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Time Management on top of learnings appreciated by VSLAs members

The LAPs training is making an impact in VSLAs. VSLAS become a pool of the best candidates for community mediators....

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Interesting stories from Leadership Mentorship Program

Story 1 : Me to Me : Self-CARE which leads to self-responsibility Her name is Gaudance, and the mentee from...

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Leadership Nursery Club ! Raising Future women and girls Leaders

Due to the low number of girls & women in decision-making processes at the local level, the leadership mentors,...

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Champions’ collective actions resulted to Hillside erosion control

Ruvungirana Marshland is a wetland located in 2 districts of Gisagara and Huye with a total surface area of 64.7...

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Community Scorecard, a successful approach to improve on service provision

The community scorecard (CSC) has been conceived as an approach to increase the accountability and responsiveness...

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