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The tragic events of April -July 1994 that hit Rwanda have left various forms of scars on the genocide survivors. Indeed,the genocide took thousands of lives and thus broke up the the the foundations of social relations.genocide survivors had trauma experiences ,exclusion,lack of shelter ,isolation ,some have injured ,tortured,others have been victims of rape and sexual abuse.to adress this this complex issue widow survivors of gisagara District,created DUHOZANYE ON 11th November 1994.DUHOZANYE means literary “let’s console one another “It derives from the verb “to console’’,to comfort.


DUHOZANYE’s vision is to transform the widows into persons that are "developed well sheltered, well fed, open to development indices and working together in equality for the construction of a peaceful world.”


The mission of Duhozanye Association is to ensure the socio-economic rehabilitation of widows and orphans of the genocide in order to integrate them into everyday life so that they can particularly striving for self-reliance and generally participate in the development of the country. DUHOZANYE aims specifically to contribute to protection of the rights of widows and orphans and to ensure that they are integrated into sustainable development within its operational area.


- Defending the right of widows and orphans of 1994 Genocide,
- Contributing to sustainable development in its operational area as a way of finding a common solution to various problems caused by the Genocide.
- Ensuring mutual assistance between widows in order for them to better defend each other providing special care to widows incapacitated by the Genocide.


- farming and livestock projects ;
- education ,culture and vocation trainings ; capacity building of its beneficiaries ;advocacy and legal support services ;social and economic development ;of widows and orphans ;prevention of HIV/AIDS.