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Together we can increase women access to finance in agriculture sector – PFTH Chairperson

The Chairperson of Pro-Femmes Twese Hamwe Jeanne d’Arc Kanakuze declared that if everyone join hands together can increase women access to finance in agriculture sector which undermine women’s employability, awareness of credit facilities as well as ownership of collateral for bank loans.

This Thursday at Park Inn hotel PFTH with different institutions discussed persisting issues affecting women and girls and find together sustainable solutions to women financial inclusion in agriculture sector.

Rwanda has made great progress over the past years in narrowing gender gap in economic activities in general and in financial inclusion in particular. These changes are supported by the deliberate efforts by the Government of Rwanda as guided by Vision 2020 and in line with the National Gender Policy.

Despite the significant improvements in women’s access to finance and to financial inclusion, a number of challenges remain. Access to finance, especially for women remains a critical issue effecting their financial inclusion due to their limited capacity to comply with conditions pertaining financial products and services.

Available data shows that majority of workers in the agriculture sector (86%) are poor women with lowest levels of schooling and highest rates of illiteracy (MINAGRI, 2016 ;RAB, 2018). Henceforth, these women remain in the subsistence agriculture ,receive low prices for their products due to lack of market intelligence , and they also lack capacities to participate in agri-business (RAB,2018).

The dialogue organized by PFTH in partnership with Care International Rwanda ended by taking different measures like advocating for issues affecting women towards access to finance in agriculture sector and other production resources and to recommend on concerned institutions to improve women small holder farmer’s financial inclusion.

Pro-Femmes /Twese Hamwe believes in building partnerships, networking and constitutes a consultative forum for gender equality promotion and addressing specific issues affecting women and girls.