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The Government did a lot but still there is much to do - Pro-femmes/ Twese Hamwe chairperson

Pro-femmes /Twese Hamwe chairperson ,Jeanne d’Arc Kanakuze wishes you a happy international rural women’s day, celebrated 22 times in Rwanda. And by recognizing the value of a rural women in the development of the country in general and in family in particular, she said still there is a hard way to reach to full development.

Pro-femmes Twese Hamwe truly thank the government of Rwanda for putting much effort in the development of women, due to the fact that the rate of maternal mortality shifted from 1071/100000 in 2000 to 210/100000 in 2015 which is a great progress. Actually many rural women are members of community savings and others have bank credits which leads them to family development. Some rural women are local leaders : Mediators, friends of families, Village leaders, etc…

Despite women’s role in “a secured and prosperous family” as says the theme of today. Rural women are still facing big challenges including negative masculinity due to the low level of understanding in gender equality and equity, as a result women’s work is not much appreciated as men’s work.
“We still have a big number of illiterate women, and many of them are in rural areas. The great numbers of women have no information about climate change and the way to work accordingly. The big number of violence against women is concentrated in rural areas. A big problem of teenage pregnancy which actually is a burden to the community is seen in rural areas, the poverty is seen in completely attached to rural woman, etc…” Kanakuze revealing challenges rural women are facing.

The chairperson call up everyone’s efforts, to educate, train and make advocacy so that all programs aimed at improving the development of women emphasize on the development of the rural women, and mobilize them to participate in the development of their villages by focusing in changing men’s mindset regarding helping their wives as a key to family safety, development and prosperity.

“We did a lot as members and we are not yet done, as we celebrate rural women’s day with the theme ‘A secured and prosperous family’ let’s be together as Pro-femmes and promote the culture of peace for sustainable development.”