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No development without women involvement – E.S Pro-Femmes /Twese Hamwe

October 9th, 2019 in Ruhango District / Bunyogombe Cell, Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe in partnership with Care Rwanda launched a campaign aimed to tackle gender, power, negative masculinity and social cultural barriers that prevent women and girls to access public spaces.

The Executive Secretary of Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe, Bugingo Emma Marie reminded men that no development without women involvement, and that they should allow their wives to participate in public spaces and decision making positions. instead of letting them stay home.

“Many women their role is ignored in different sectors including the decision making places without forgetting decision taken into their home. Men should remember that no development without women involvement. “ said Madam Bugingo.

In Bunyogombe cell, Ruhango Sector, 20 men who have managed to change their mindset and allowed their wives to participate in decision making meetings testified that it has improved the development of their families. While, 160 men whom haven’t yet allowed their wives to go in the decision making meetings and obliged them to stay home for house hold activities are surrounded by family conflicts.

The Mayor of Ruhango District, Valens Habarurema in his remarks talking on gender equality, reminded that there is no difference in the number of men and women in Ruhango District which shows that both forces are needed for the development of the district.

“By linking those forces we can develop our district.” He said.

The Mayor concluded by saying that even if some family still have conflicts he testified that some families are changing their mindset because many of problems the district receive are related to water, electricity and roads.

Among 70 thousands families in Ruhango district, more than 1000 families live in conflicts.

Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe is a Rwandan civil society umbrella organization, gathering together organisations dedicated to women’s empowerment, gender equality, peace building, and development in Rwanda. Currently, the umbrella represents 53 member organisations across the country. It aims at promoting a peaceful and stable Rwandan society free from all forms of gender discrimination and characterised by gender equality and equity, as part of a broader process towards sustainable development.