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National Advocacy Dialogue on citizens’ participation and inclusiveness

Pro-Femmes /TweseHamwe (PFTH), In partnership with CARE International Rwanda organized a National advocacy Dialogue on citizens’ participation and inclusiveness with a purpose of strengthening women and girls’ participation and influence in governance processes to address GBV.

The Dialogue that took place on 18th December 2019 at Kigali Convention centre, has been a crucial occasion to hear the achievement of Every Voice Counts(EVC) ,the project launched by PFTH from January 2016 to December 2020. Every Voice Counts (EVC) program is aimed at promoting a citizen engagement and social accountability model for enhancing women and girls’ participation and influence in governance processes to address gender-based violence at local and national levels.

In her remarks, Kanakuze Jeanne the Chairperson of Pro-Femmes Twese Hamwe thanked Care international Rwanda and the participants in general for participating in the Dialogue to hear the success of the project “Every Voice Counts”

“We are thanking particularly the Country Director of Care international Rwanda for participating in this important Dialogue in order to hear the success of the project "Every Voice Counts" & I thank the participants in general” , said Kanakuze Jeanne

During the panel Discussions about Gender mainstreaming in planning & budgeting process the E.S of Gender Monitoring Office said that ,they will make all institutions accountable about Gender mainstreaming and it’s the responsibility for all to do so !

EVC’s implementation has contributed to strengthening the capacity of grassroots women and girls and effective women’s participation in governance. It has created and expanded spaces for dialogue between local authorities and most vulnerable groups of women, youth and people with disabilities to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are considered in public planning and budgeting at all levels.

To overcome these barriers and achieve inclusive governance, different approaches have been utilized including the community score card. In addition, district, provincial and national dialogues are being used to boost women and girls’ participation in governance processes with emphasis on IMIHIGO planning and budgeting.

The overall objective of the National Advocacy Dialogue is to influence government bodies to enhance strategies in the participation and inclusion of women and girls in governance processes to address gender concerns and GBV in IMIHIGO planning and budgeting.