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I feel proud and strive for positive change in my community

Dusabimana Hilarie, a 45 years woman from Ruganza Village of Cyanyirankora Cell in Kivu sector of Nyaruguru District is a teacher in primary school.
Before joining the local women and girls network, Hilarie was a coordinator of the National Women’s Council (NWC) in her cell. As a woman champion, she benefited from the training on leadership, advocacy, public speaking, collaboration, and networking ; and she was later enrolled in the leadership mentorship programme, a programme being implemented by Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe in partnership with CARE International in Rwanda under Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Project (GEWEP III).

Hilarie leading a meeting in her community (Umugoroba w’Imiryango) ; she is proud and confident to empower her community towards collaborative development

Hilarie confirms to have learnt a lot in the above-mentioned programs which made her a confident woman and a leader in her community.
“I learned that a woman plays an important role in bringing positive change in her community once empowered and given opportunities ; and this cannot be reached without having women involved in decision making processes at different levels.” Says Hilarie.

She testifies how her mentor, Mukakagenza helped her to make self-assessment and building the capacity development plan, which helped in filling the identified gaps throughout the leadership mentorship program. “My mentor always encouraged me to work harder to become a more skilled leader and always dream for higher leadership positions. From that experience, I was convinced that I have the ability to become a good leader, a mother in my family and at the same time a fruitful teacher, hence managing well my triple roles. When local leaders’ election came, I wanted to contest up to the sector level. I confidently contested from the village level, and my dreams were completed by being elected as national women council coordinator in the sector and this makes me a member of the sector council (Njyanama) whereby my Voice and meaningful participation is being exercised. I proudly bring my ideas and feel happy when decisions made include my voice, and the voice of my constituents.”

“I am really proud of benefiting from GEWEP III. I know if there was no support and leadership capacity building from PFTH, I would have resigned from any leadership positions I now occupy. I have a clear vision to help women from my sector to understand that their better future is in their hands and they have responsibilities to join hands with men in taking decisions that bring positive changes in their families, which brings positive change in their communities. My mentor helped me a lot in this journey and I am committed to mentor my fellow women to become better leaders as it in my responsibilities.” Appreciative and committed Hilarie.