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The Every Voice Counts (EVC) Programme aims to build capacity of excluded groups, civil society organizations and public authorities to strengthen inclusive governance in fragile settings.
In the aim of reducing violence and gender discrimination against women , Pro- Femmes/ Twese Hamwe umbrella in partnership with Care International Rwanda is currently implementing the above mentioned project in Muhanga, Kamonyi, Nyanza, Ruhango and Huye Districts in the Southern province.

To ensure GBV prevention in community, community facilitators (Abafashamyumvire) were selected and they are bringing change in addressing issues identified in community score card processes and specifically GBV related issues.

DUSENGE Angelique, PF/ TH, EVC project Coordinator

In this meeting community facilitators shared their achievements mainly about raising awareness of citizen on GBV prevention and response and presented encountered challenges.
The participants discussed about the issue of women control and decision making over gender discrimination and violence, where they talked about the problems they face in GBV prevention and how they find solutions. In addition, Community facilitators have selected homes with cases of GBV and they have started cessions with those families to change their behavior against GBV.

MUSABYIMANA Marie, Nyanza District, Busasamana sector

During discussions, Musabyimana Marie raised the issue of service provision to GBV victims where she mentioned that, when someone get violence, they don’t get enough services as required when the reach at the health centers. And they don’t also have nurses or doctors that can take care of them. They don’t have rooms and required equipment for treatment of the patient, she said.

Abafashamyumvire from Southern province

They also mentioned the culture of silence about GBV in homes, where GBV victims keep silence to denounce it to the local leaders for them to take action.

UMUHIRE Marie Claire, Mwendo sector

On the other side Community facilitators highlighted how they are supporting Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi initiative and community score card sessions.

The work done through EVC intervention is crucial in building a country where mutual understanding between service providers and recipients reigns, and where communities live a GBV free life and The every voice count project is more than just service delivery, it help citizen to participate more in governance processes thus working closely with local authorities.