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The Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre was initially conceived as an exclusively men’s organization striving to reach out to other men in order to promote gender equality through promotion of positive masculinities and male engagement approaches in development programs in Rwanda.

The Vision of RWAMREC is a Rwandan peaceful society where women and men share roles and responsibilities of raising families, and governing society in equality and respect of human rights.

RWAMREC’s distinctive and innovative mission is to promote gender equality through reconstruction of a non-violent identity of men, adoption of healthy masculine behaviors and men’s empowerment to be positive and supportive partners, role models for other men and change agents in promoting healthy families and women’s socio-economic development, eradication of sexual and gender-based violence, positive fatherhood and men’s health in Rwanda.

The objectives of the organization are :

1. Promote Male Engagement approaches and initiatives in ending men’s violence against women and gender-based violence,

2. Promote Men’s positive attitudes and behaviors towards non-violence and gender equality practices in Rwanda,

3. Building partnerships, networking synergies between men and women for effective prevention sexual and gender-based violence and promotion of healthy families,

4. Spearheading capacity development networking and building synergies with other stakeholders for effective prevention of sexual and gender-based,

5. Development of community resource centers and evidence-based programming initiatives based on action-oriented research in areas of gender equality, MenEngage approaches, and gender-based violence in Rwanda.

The main activities of RWAMREC include but are not limited to the following :

-  Carry out mass mobilization and sensitization campaigns to engage men to adopt positive masculine behaviors to effectively prevent gender-based violence.

-  Conduct action-oriented research on perceptions and practices on masculinity and GBV in Rwanda.

-  Capacity development for mainstreaming and implementing the MenEngagement approaches into gender promotion and GBV prevention programs,

-  Provide training and material resources for implementing MenEngage initiatives through gendered programs.

-  Carry out Policy Advocacy initiatives and dialogues with the Government and other stakeholders to proactively prevent gender-based violence ;

-  Organize dialogues and school mentorship programs in order to involve as many young women and men as possible in GBV prevention throughout Rwanda.

-  promotion of positive masculine behaviors with uniformed personnel (police, army and students)

Website : www.rwamrec.org