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Kanyarwanda is an independent non-profit organization established in 1991, promote & defend human rights and equality, and to fight injustice. Since 1994, the organisation has focused on survivors and descendants of survivors of the genocide, notably women who were raped and subsequently had children. We were amongst the first to call for a proper international investigation of war crimes in Rwanda in 1994.
We support all Rwandans who have been affected by the genocide, but particularly focus on offering relief to women and children, providing health and education services, and assisting with the purchase of land or domestic animals, and the reconstructionof homes.

Contribute to the establishment of the national unity by promoting the social justice.

- Promote & defend human rights
- Promote citizen equality in front of the law within the framework of a rule of law
- Contribute to the creation and the development of the consensual cities of human rights
- Fight against any forms of injustice
- Maintain relations of cooperation with the national, regional and international organizations pursuing similar objectives

Website : www.kanyarwanda.org.rw