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FIOM Rwanda

The Future in Our Minds – FIOM Rwanda is a non-profit making non-governmental organisation based in Kigali. FIOM was established in 1998 and has been working in Rwanda with vulnerable communities especially in the Eastern Province of Rwanda and Kigali city since 2000. FIOM is legally recognised by the Republic of Rwanda and officially registered in the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) as a national NGO according to the newly promulgated law No 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and the functioning of the national non-governmental organizations.
(Cfr :Official Gazette n° 50 of 16/12/2013)


The Mission of FIOM Rwanda is to contribute to the promotion of Rwandan community especially youth, women and other class of the vulnerable populations, to ensure their social well-being and get hope for future in order to participate actively in the development of their country.


FIOM Rwanda envisages a world in which vulnerable populations are able to prepare for their future with confidence ; where FIOM Rwanda is a catalyst for development, building hope within communities and improving the wellbeing of marginalized populations.


To achieve its mission the Organization performs the following activities :
• Promoting the development of youth, women and vulnerable groups by training them manual works ;

• Help the youth, women and other vulnerable groups to prepare and elaborate small developmental projects as well as assisting them to look for financial support.
• Sensitizing the youth to be patriotic, and fight against the dangers that they are facing today especially HIV/ AIDS and other sexual transmission diseases, prostitution, drug use, gender-based violence and child abuse and other bad behaviors.

• The organisation intends also to develop community development projects and to initiate other profitable projects for its auto-


FIOM Rwanda has oriented its activities in the following primary sectors :
-  Nutrition , Food security and sustainable griculture promotion
-  Safe water , hygien and basic sanitation
-  Health and wellbeing promotion
-  Capacity building and economic development
-  Environmental protection
-  Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy
-  Good governance and Human rights promotion
-  Gender equality promotion