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ASOFERWA (Association de Solidarite des Femmes Rwandaises)

ASOFERWA is a non- governmental organization (NGO) created in 1994 just after the 1994 genocide ; operating on the territory of Rwanda. By the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, Rwanda was stricken by a misfortune, which plunged the whole country in disastrous situation with various socio-economic consequences.

In September 1994, a group of 30 Rwandan women established an association that they named ASOFERWA with the purpose of helping the vulnerable groups facing social and economic problems. Due to that tragedy we experienced the increase of vulnerable groups such as widows, orphans, traumatized women, girl mothers and Female Sex workers, HIV/ AIDS infected and affected women due to violence, elderly people without assistance, Youth and minors.


ASOFERWA’s mission is to encourage the socio-economic rehabilitation among Rwandans especially among vulnerable groups.


ASOFERWA’S Vision is to build a “Rwanda free from poverty and any injustice or discrimination “where every citizen enjoys better living condition and where children and women enjoy their rights and psychosocial comfort.


To increase people’s income through their communities based interests ;

To ensure socio-economic reinforcements among the target groups : Widows, Orphans, Minors and Youth, People living with HIV and Low income women.

To provide organizational and technical support in income generating activities to local
Associations’ members.

To incite Rwandans especially women and Youth to play an important role in Good Governance, Justice and Peace building.

Website : www.asoferwa.org