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Time Management on top of learnings appreciated by VSLAs members

The LAPs training is making an impact in VSLAs. VSLAS become a pool of the best candidates for community mediators. Proof ; from the September election.
VSLA conflicts are now managed and resolved ; according to the capacity the group got, and the VSLA administration is yet to be reformed for better and strong structuring to consider the voice of women and girls in VSLAs’ leadership.

VSLA Tuzamurane ; gathering every Friday at 3 pm ; at Gatobotobo cell ; facilitated by champion Vincentie ; composed of 28 females and 2 males ; with SACCO account ; there is a fresh legal marriage, members are local leaders, there is high participation ; the life cycle of 15 years ; empowered to empower other VSLA ; mostly Tuzamurane has helped in the birth of other VSLAs ; 100% payment of health insurance 1 month before a deadline ; collaboration and has an annual plan of activities, etc.

During the quarterly meeting, Vincente, the champion was telling the story about how the people from other VSLAs come to listen to LAPs in the group she is training… ;