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Interesting stories from Leadership Mentorship Program

Story 1 : Me to Me : Self-CARE which leads to self-responsibility

Her name is Gaudance, and the mentee from Nyamagabe district ; before the leadership mentorship program ; she was a disorganized lady with no plan ; to arrange the priorities was a dream !

The triples roles were already mixed up ! when she was trying to be a good mother ; she failed to handle the responsibilities of the wife ! about her roles in leadership were put aside ; it seemed a burden to her ;
She herself said that the hours of the day were short ; It was getting late and she couldn’t do anything !

This also was affecting her relationship with her husband ; because even if she was busy with household chores ; there was no time for self-pity ! Through, the humbleness and openness of her mentor ; Gaudance testified her time management achievements ; she is now a good woman, mother, and a leader ! And Me to Me approach has been adopted ; where Gaudance is currently having a moment for her self-care ; this approach is duplicated with other ladies from the same community as hers !

Story 2 : LMP, a remedy for the unemployment

Jacqueline ; is the mentor of 4 mentees ; one of these mentees was unemployed with A0 in accountant ! She was waiting for the office job ;

Jacqueline has opened her eyes ; she told her that creating mediocre work can lead her to her decent dreams ! instead of sitting and asking her parents for anything ; the mentee herself told us how she became a Mobile money agent ; the work she was doing ; made her feel ashamed of what people thought of her.

Amazingly ; that job become a source of income that empowered her to start even making applications for other jobs ! she got a job in the secretariat and she is not desiring to stop any.

She is a village leader ; she is happy with the program mostly with her mentor ; who advised her how to create the job ! Now she is economically empowered ; she is getting money from producing and selling sorghum beer to sustain his family economically.

She is a lady with a disability ; people from her community and even her spouse told her that she would be useless ! now she has become a tailor ; she assures us that in the next 3 years she will be at far good.