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Barakabaho Foundation

Barakabaho Foundation is a local NGO, established December 3, 1994. Barakabaho obtained his legal personality by...

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FIOM Rwanda

The Future in Our Minds – FIOM Rwanda is a non-profit making non-governmental organisation based in Kigali. FIOM...

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The tragic events of April -July 1994 that hit Rwanda have left various forms of scars on the genocide survivors....

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ASOFERWA (Association de Solidarite des Femmes Rwandaises)

ASOFERWA is a non- governmental organization (NGO) created in 1994 just after the 1994 genocide ; operating on the...

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Kanyarwanda is an independent non-profit organization established in 1991, promote & defend human rights and...

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Souvent, nous sommes confrontés aux rumeurs, aux préjugés, aux discriminations, à la désignation de boucs...

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