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Welcome to Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe

Dear esteemed visitor,

Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe (PFTH) is pleased to welcome you on its official website. On this website, you shall find updates on various programs and events that we are/have been implementing to uplift the status of the Rwandan women and girls.

Since its inception, PF/TH has carried out its role of advancing women’s cause with honor and integrity; implementing various projects all tailored to improve the status of Rwandan women and girls so as to empower them to play their rightful role in social-economic development of our country.

Fighting Gender Based Violence

Empowering Women in Informal Cross Border Trade

Promoting Women's Voice and Participation in Decision Making Processes

Promoting evidence Based Advocacy for improved lives of women and girls

Strengthening Capacities of Civil Society Organizations working on GEWE




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“LEGAL AID CLINICS” helps Rwandan Cross-border Trade Women recover their confiscated goods in Bukavu/DRC

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Time Management on top of learnings appreciated by VSLAs members

The LAPs training is making an impact in VSLAs. VSLAS become a pool of the best candidates for community mediators....

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Interesting stories from Leadership Mentorship Program

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